7 Best React Libraries That Would Make Your Life Easier in 2021

7 Best React Libraries That Would Make Your Life Easier in 2021

Every professional React developer wants to make his life easier with the react templates & Libraries. Using these libraries you can easily manage & create any project that your client needs. It is very rare that now developers keep themselves up to date about these trends. If you want to learn about the latest development trends then you need strong research that should be done on regular bases. 

Nowadays, many projects are lagging just because of the wage information that they have about the libraries. Every developer wants the completion of projects successfully. In this way, they use the specific react templates / libraries to complete their projects and get success. 

Following are the best react libraries that you can use for your projects. Every app developer in Los Angeles should have knowledge about these best react libraries.

1. Lodash

Lodash got 40k stars on GitHub. It makes JavaScript much easier. It takes the hassle of working with difficult strings, numbers, objects, and arrays. Use Lodash to take your project to the next level. It is a famous library that you can utilize for your work.

Lodash is a utility library of the latest Javascript that works to deliver you extras, modularity, and performances. It is a favorite library of many developers. This library is not very specific. But it is popular for its elegance. We suggest you use this library for your projects.

2. React Bootstrap

The name describes this library. The components of Bootstrap are beautifully built with React. It is an open-source toolkit that you can use to develop CSS, JS, and HTML. This component library is front-end and famous worldwide.

The best accomplishment of your project is guaranteed with React Bootstrap. It has replaced the Javascript of the old Bootstrap. Every component is newly developed from scratch. You can say that each component of React Bootstrap is a true React component.

There are no dependencies this time in the library like jQuery. It is an ideal choice for UI foundation.

3. React-il8next

Do you need a multi language application? If yes then the React-il8next library is a perfect choice for you. It has a powerful framework of internalization for React that is based on il8next. You can easily localize all of your products from web to desktop or mobile using React-il8next.

The best thing about React-il8next is that it has functionalities of translation like interpolation, plurals, and formatting. It is a good match for server-side rendering.

4. React DnD

It helps you to develop complex interfaces. You can easily keep all the components decoupled while building the drag and drop interfaces. It is built on the latest HTML5 drag and drop API top. The library concentrates on grabbing the interaction of drag and drop in the right way.

It leaves great visual aspects to you. The library had a major downside before developing a new version. It did not support the touchscreens. Use the React Dnd if you want the support of touch. You will find a touchback end in React Dnd.

5. Material UI

You may have heard about Google’s Material Design. It is a library that has a great set of components. These components contain a popular Material Design. Material UI got more than 50k stars on popular GitHub. You can say that at the moment, it is the most famous React UI package.

Utilize this package because it is much simpler to implement. All the components of Material UI are user-friendly and eye-catching. It has many components that you can utilize for your projects.

6. React Spinners

If you do not have space in your applications for boring spinners then choose React Spinners. It is a library that provides you many fancy spinners. You can easily customize these spinners according to your requirements. React Spinners is not a very big library.

It got 1k stars on GitHub. In terms of UX, your application can get a true boost using React Spinners.

7. Enzyme

It is a JavaScript testing utility. The enzyme is built to test React component outputs. An engineering team for Airbnb has created this testing utility. The team released one open-source in 2015. Enzyme’s API is very flexible and intuitive.

The library makes it easier for you to manipulate, traverse and assert the React component outputs. You can run Enzyme with different test runners such as Jest, Mocha, and Karma. We suggest you use Enzyme if you are a new developer testing React components.

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